Questions about the battery

How long does a battery have to be charged?

The battery needs about 3 days on the charger to be fully charged. The green LED then turns off automatically, indicating that the battery is fully charged. Please fully charge the battery before it is first used (and before using it again)!

Due to tolerances of the battery and the charger, the green LED may not turn off completely and glow slightly. The battery has nevertheless been charged sufficiently.

Please charge the batteries only with the supplied charger. This was specially optimized for the TRAPMASTER batteries.

The battery should never be stored when it is almost empty. It can be stored with a full charge for up to a year. In any case, please fully charge the battery before using it again.


How long does a battery charge last?

A fully charged battery usually lasts for several months (approx. 6-12 months). The battery life depends, among other things, on the outside temperature, the reception strength of the respective mobile phone network (how much transmission power must be used for transmission, how often does a transmission possibly have to be repeated?) and the number of messages sent (i.e. how many times a day is the status and how often are catches reported?).

Ageing of the battery:

Batteries can lose their capacity over the course of time. If the green LED on the charger does not turn off after 3 days, the battery may nevertheless continue to be used without concern. However, it should always remain connected to the charger during charging for at least 3 days.