Analysis of time patterns

For successful Ansitze, it is - first of all - important to record all relevant information continuously and reliably. In the next step, it is crucial to have this information at the right time in such an intuitive and "bite-sized" way, in order to derive a systematic planning.

In the BOARMASTER system, the menu options "Analysis" and "Planning" (currently in development) are available.

The menu item "Analysis" shows graphically and very intuitively at a glance when and how often which feeding place was accepted.

Here you can for example conduct a detailed analysis of a single feeding place or compare selected feeding places with each other in order to e.g. identify the movement pattern of a pack of boars that moves regularly from one feeding place to the next. The gray colored areas of the timeline show you the time between sunset and sunrise.

In the analysis, you will also see correlations of feeding place activities with other events, in particular "feeding place reloaded", "Angesessen" and "shot fired".

At a glance, you can also put your rules of thumb to the test: Are assumptions like "If I shot at a feeding place, the sows do not come back for 3 days" really true? The item "Analysis" gives you the answer.

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