Hassle-free system solution

"Just hunt!" - that is the basic motto behind the BOARMASTER.

Based on years of experience in developing the TRAPMASTER trap alert system, we have consistently developed the BOARMASTER with the aim of guaranteeing you the simplest operation and maximum reliability in all hunting wild boars applications. All components in the system are carefully matched and thoroughly tested.

Incidentally, since BOARMASTER and TRAPMASTER run on the same platform, you only need to log in once - then you can switch between boar alert and trap alert if you are operating both devices. The central credit in your user account always applies to both types of alert systems. Thus, you do not have to manage 2 credits.

The most important technical aspects of the BOARMASTER include:

  • The free BOARMASTER app for Android and iOS, which offers you a convenient access to tasks, analysis and Ansitzplanung as well as free push messages.
  • an integrated multi-network roaming SIM card that works with all networks across Europe and selects the best network
  • a special battery that reliably delivers messages even at very low temperatures. This battery is always included in the price of the BOARMASTER
  • a single central credit management for all SIM cards. There is no more credit on the SIM cards. Your advantage: You will never have to recharge credit for individual SIM cards, but only the central credit in your user account if necessary. It also eliminates regular minimum charges and there is no minimum turnover. Devices that are inactive during the hunt-free time can be paused at the push of a button until you need the devices again. Inactive devices do not cause any running costs.

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