What are the benefits of a BOARMASTER boar alert?

The BOARMASTER is the first solution for the systematic support of hunting wild boars. With a BOARMASTER your hunting activities become more efficient, cheaper and more successful.

A BOARMASTER boar alert

  1. Saves time and travel costs in daily hunting ground operations through intelligent task planning. You avoid a lot of unnecessary trips.
  2. Enables a thorough and methodical hide planning for maximum success. At a glance you can intuitively see and understand the feeding patterns of the past days and weeks. You can see which feeding places were regularly accepted and when.
  3. Sends immediately an alert if there is activity at a feeding place. You can stalk when circumstances permit it. Even if the alarm function is muted, the system continuously collects information on feeding activities in the background.

The user-friendly and practice-oriented system consists of 2 parts:

  • the actual boar alert. The hardware was specially developed for this purpose. And
  • a sophisticated online system for monitoring, analysis and planning.

The system gives you individual freedom: the daily work in the area becomes more determined and time-saving. Unnecessary and time-consuming activities are avoided. You can concentrate on the essentials again. The neatly structured and intuitively comprehensible information about the feeding activities complement your hunting experience and enable you to plan your hides systematically and in depth.

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