Saves time & money

In many districts, all feeding places are visited daily because the knowledge which feeding places were accepted and which weren’t is missing. This costs time and causes travel costs. It also causes disturbance in your territory.

This will not happen with BOARMASTER: In the BOARMASTER online management, you can see at a glance which feeding places need to be reloaded or checked due to a longer period of inactivity.

Thus, you only drive to those feeding places that need to be reloaded or controlled. This saves time and money and reduces unnecessary disruptions to the feeding places. You (and any number of fellow hunters) can also receive the upcoming tasks - on request - in a daily summary via e-mail, push message or SMS.

The system is suitable for a wide variety of feeding places. You will find suitable pre-sets, e.g. for

  • "Einweg-Kirrungen" such as "Kirrmulden" – in general these have to be reloaded after the first acceptance and appear accordingly in your "tasks".
  • "Langzeit-Kirrungen" such as "Kirrtrommeln" or "Kirrautomat". Here you can adjust after which number of times you have to reload this feeding place.
  • "Secondary use" such as a "Malbaum" (a tree against which wild boars or deer have rubbed).

You can also adjust the device with adjustable sensitivities (for both vibration and inclination) to your feeding place to prevent false tripping.

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