Simple Clocks

Simple Clocks record the activity of the sows at a feeding place. Common models topple down on the first acceptance of the feeding place and the clock records this date.

Unfortunately, Simple Clocks have several disadvantages:

  • Simple models only record the first activity per night. Other activities in the same night, however, remain mostly unrecognized.
  • A common point of criticism of Simple Clocks is their low mechanical durability.
  • Usually they have no adjustable sensitivity.
  • Above all, the user has to read the time of the visit afterwards when he visits the spot. This means you have to drive to the feeding place, whether it was accepted or not.
  • Stalking is not possible with this information.
  • Simple Clocks do not provide the collected information in a broader context for the planning of your hunting. Whether and how a user records and processes the captured information (in paper form? Electronic?) is up to him.  At least it does not happen system-based and is usually very time consuming.

A BOARMASTER immediately reports activity at the feeding place via cell phone. The sensitivity for vibration and inclination can easily be adjusted at the boar alert to suit your needs. And the online management system provides you with a perfect overview of the activities at the feeding place at any time.

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