Immediate Notifications

The BOARMASTER will send you – by request - instant messages when there is movement at a feeding place. If the local and your personal circumstances permit, you may stalk or, if necessary, change your location while hunting at a short time.

You can choose between several notification channels

  • Free push message in the free BOARMASTER app (iOS and Android),
  • Free instant message in the free Telegram app (like Whatsapp),
  • Free e-mail 
  • Free call function for activities at the feeding place or
  • SMS (9 cents / SMS).

Important: Even if you mute the instant notifications - e.g. because you are on the road and cannot hunt anyway - the BOARMASTER system continuously collects all activities at the feeding places in the background. These will be available later for the analysis of the events at the feeding place and for the planning of your hunting.

In addition to the instant messages you receive if activity at a feeding place is detected there is also a summarized daily task report available. For this you can also choose a desired channel from the above options.

Of course, as many fellow hunters as you like can be notificated as well.

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