In the Ansitzplanung, you will find all relevant factors for a successful Ansitz in bite-sized, perfectly prepared form. Our goal is to provide you with all of the necessary information so that you can quickly capture the activities at the feeding places of the last few days / weeks, compare them with wind and weather information, and then determine the best location for the next Ansitz.

1.) Time pattern of past visits to the feeding place:

  • When do the sows visit the feeding place?
  • How regularly do they visit which feeding place?
  • How long do they stay at the feeding place?
  • Do they visit the feeding place for several times during one night?

2.) Wind direction

  • Which kind of feeding place is likely to be appropriate considering the wind prediction at your planned Ansitz-Zeit?
  • Which feeding places should not be considered due to the wind direction?

3.) Moon phase

  • At which feeding places with similar lunar conditions could activity be detected in the past?

4.) Weather in general

5.) Sunrise and sunset

In the " Planning" you will find a prioritized list of your feeding places. The prioritization takes place automatically, for example:

  • where was the most regular activity in the last X days (adjustable) in my planning period (for example, from 8:30 pm to 1:30 am)?
  • Which of the interesting feeding places "fits" with respect to wind direction during the planning period (comparison with the weather forecast - wind and weather data are included in the system).